Don’t Give Up

Nehemiah 1:6 reads, “Please let Your ear be attentive and Your eyes open, that You may hear the prayer of Your servant which I pray before You now, day and night for the children of Israel.”

You can feel the compassion Nehemiah has for his people and the faith he has in God.

Jerusalem was in ruins. The walls were torn down; the city gates were burned.

He sees what appears to be a desperate and hopeless situation, yet he cries out to God.

His vision was to rebuild the wall and the city. So, a huge construction project was in his future, but we see later in chapter 2 that, before driving the first nail, he was challenged and made fun of because of his vision and his faith.

And he responds in verse 20 with these words, “The God of heaven will prosper us.”  

You see, Nehemiah started out in chapter 1 by praying to God and by chapter 2 he is confident that God heard his prayer and is going to prosper him.

Now that doesn’t mean the project is going to be easy, it doesn’t mean that it will be without challenges, it doesn’t mean that it will be without opposition. But, it does mean that God will see him through to the end.

What a great reminder that just because we’re working for the Lord, we’re not promised an easy road. In fact, anything we build for God, anything we do for God is going to stretch and challenge our faith.

I pray that each of us is up to the challenge that God puts before us today.



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